Anna Ihlis

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“Änklingen” (The Widower) is the first single from Anna Ihlis’ forth album, which will be released on the first of June. This single, as with all tracks on this album, are Anna’s musical compositions using poems by Erik Axel Karlfeldt as lyrics. Each song uniquely captures one of Karlfeldt’s poems, which were written from the end of the eighteenth century to the middle of the nineteenth century. In “Änklingen” Ihlis and Karlfedt meet at a crossroads of Swedish poetry and pop music. The lyrics express an emotion exploring the great distance that can engulf a relationship between two people. “ I det stora vi dräpt, som vart I tysthet begravet”. (That which we have slain and in silence buried)
1. Änklingen 00:02:35
Main artist Anna Ihlis
Composer Anna Ihlis
Author Erik Axel Karlfeldt
Producers Anna Ihlis
Publishers Mars Music AB