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‘Dance Tonight’ by Leo Dynamic1 Ft. Janethan. QUESTION FOR YOU ????? Guess who is a fan of Janethan .......Katy Perry Check out the video below to see her amazed reaction to Janethan singing her song !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI42BohDabU&feature=youtu.be&t=14m8s Now its time for Janethan again on a new release ‘Dance Tonight’ by Leo Dynamic1 Ft.Janethan. This is the 9th release by Leo Dynamic1 via a record label in Sweden, Yellow Rhinestone Records. Leo’s music has charted in the USA and has over 2 million hits on Spotify and YouTube to date. He has also produced two top ten hits with Sony Music in Germany, ‘Sing Forever’ and ‘Like i do’ with DJ Shog. ‘Dance Tonight’ has been a long collaboration between Leo and Janethan, who met via an International Songwriting group hosted and mentored by Jack Ponti, former co-writer with Jon Bon Jovi and manager of Boyz II Men. The track was mixed by Christoph Hadl in Berlin, who was also a member of the songwriting group. ‘Leo Dynanic1’ is a former two time national boxing champion ‘The Punching Producer’ ‘Dance Tonight’ really gets you hooked early, something Leo Dynamic1 learned from his boxing career. Not wanting his hands to go to waste, his father made sure his hands stayed flexible in the boxing ring, by sending him to piano lessons! Radio Interview https://soundcloud.com/leo_capper/lmfm-interview Media coverage https://www.independent.ie/regionals/fingalindependent/news/leo-lands-a-knockout-36315047.html https://www.imro.ie/news/two-times-ireland-boxing-champion-turns-music-producer/ Leo Dynamic1 Facebook Artist Page https://www.facebook.com/LeoDynamic1 Twitter https://twitter.com/Dynamic121 Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/6hwjUad29AYcbZ5mW1zm1u?si=7ojneBgwRdOvYm7pDqcp0w
1. Dance Tonight (2018 Edit) 00:02:55
Main artist Leo Dynamic1
Composer Leo Dynamic1
Featuring artists Janethan