Oscar Blesson

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Oscar Blesson - the perfect mix of Ivory Coast, Africa and Norway. At only 22 yo he´s already an exceptional rapper with a singing game like no other. This is real music for real people, and a breath of fresh air to global Hip-Hop. Since 2014 this character has tried up a storm in his native Oslo through his debut EP along with a bunch of looses and features. He has been bubbling n the underground throughout Europe and parts of Africa, and we're now ready to bring him to the rest of the world. NUMB3RS is produced by the legendary music producer Tommy Tee who also signed Blesson to his label Tee Productions. Bless is currently finishing up his debut album "Remy N Flowers" with Tommy Tee - and it's scheduled for a late fall release.
1. NUMB3RS 00:03:13
Main artist Oscar Blesson
Composer Tommy Flaaten
Author Oscar Blesson
Producers Tommy Tee
Publishers 1-2-1-2 Publ. (NCB)