Tomas Raae & The Malibu Beachband

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‘Flashlight Beam’ is the first single from the Ep ’She Is Beautiful’ by Tomas Raae & Malibu Beachband. 'She Is Beautiful' unfolds in a world populated by liars, mythical figures and emotional 'outlaws'. They catch the light in the distance and the adventure lures them. However, one can also choose the well-known and safe defeat to refrain from trying. ‘She Is Beautiful’ is the second EP this year, by the productive musician, composer and producer Tomas Raae. In the spring he released ‘Wastelands’ - the first in own name, after 15 years on the road as a musician, composer and producer.
1. Flashlight Beam 00:04:19
Main artist Tomas Raae & The Malibu Beachband
Composer Tomas Raae
Author Alice Carreri
Featuring artists Alice Carreri
Publishers Elektriske Optagelser