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2017 was the release year of critically acclaimed album "In my veins" by the new ambient duo 1921. The title track and first single "In my veins" was featured on Spotify’s playlist "New Music Friday" in Sweden and Iceland. The next single "Always" came out quickly after. 1921 is David Åhlén (vocals) and Andreas Eklöf (synthesizers and electronics) In their collaboration, 1921, both of their musical expressions have reached full force while being united in an almost unimaginable manner. David's timeless melodies and angelic falsetto voice are interlaced with Andreas Eklöf's electronic-organic soundscape. After touring Europe during the winter and spring of 2018, 1921 now follow up their releases with a fresh remix of "Always" made by Red Idiot (Emanuel Lundgren, from I’m from Barcelona). Made on a Russian and a rare Buchla synthesizer. It’s a haunting remix that lift the magic in the original vocal even higher than the 1921 version. Emanuels Lundgren says: The process started in my head during a 1921 gig in London. I love the sparse arrangements of their songs, so keeping it simple felt important. David’s voice is such a unique instrument and I wanted to keep it as dry and pure as possible. Back in Stockholm I began creating a world around it. The Buchla Music Easel lays the foundation along with an old fm radio and a sampler. Like a rusty abandoned playground with an angel at the centre saying “Everything’s gonna be OK”.
1. Always (Red Idiot remix) 00:03:24
Main artist 1921
Composer Andreas Eklöf | Emanuel Lundgren
Author David Åhlén
Producers Emanuel Lundgren