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'Not a Revelation After All' is the last and final single from 'Hands and Feet' - André Borgen's new album (out Nov 9th). The track shows us an artist in a state of total resignation, both in lyrics and musically. A monotonous and dark track, yet with simplified melodies that gets right through to us like Borgen's melodies always does. Lo-fi legend André Borgen is a well known figure on the alternative and experimental music scene in Oslo, but at the same time a hidden gem. His name first got known outside of this scene when contributing to the legendary book/2xCD-release 'Money Will Ruin Everything' - released by Rune Grammofon back in the days. Since then he has every now and then popped up with different releases under different names and constellations. Most praised was his brilliant 2009 album 'Staying Old' (Humbug Records), and he has recently made some highlights from his back catalogue available for streaming.
1. Not a Revelation After All 00:04:40
Main artist André Borgen
Composer André Hardang Borgen
Author André Hardang Borgen
Performers André Hardang Borgen
Producers André Hardang Borgen