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Dobbeltgjenger is an eclectic and playful rock band with a solid kink in their knee. The band’s lyrics tell tales of deep-rooted neuroticism accompanied by contagious grooves, a futuristic guitar sound and soulful rock vocals. Dobbeltgjenger consists of members from MAJOR PARKINSON, DEPRESNO and 9 GRADER NORD. The productive rock quartet is now ready with a brand new single, Paper Cutter. With the exciting new song, the band continues with a playful and colorful development in the rocking genre. The short and explosive song takes the listener on a blues inspired, light and neurotic gallop. The metaphor "Paper Cutter" refers to the circular chase of modern life, where nothing is enough and everyone wants to finish first.
1. Paper Cutter 00:02:57
Main artist Dobbeltgjenger
Composer Vegard Wikne
Author Vegard Wikne
Producers Daniel Hauge