Stein Helge Solstad artist

This project aims to present new Norwegian jazz music to the lyrics of the famous poet Olav H. Hauge (1908 - 1994). The music is inspired by both jazz and folk music, and shifts between lyrical pieces to music with much energy and rhythmic variation. The music is written to 12 poems, including an English translation of the Norwegian poem "Kom ikkje med heile sanninga" entitled "Don't Come To Me With the Entire Truth" in English. The chosen musicians are among the best in Norway in their respective fields. Together they represents long experience and new voices on the Norwegian jazz scene. Therese Lech (song) is for me a new and exciting vocalist. Her ability to grasp the lyrics and improvise made her a good choice for this project, these abilites - I think, - are very well documented on this recording. I haven't worked with Beate Slettevoll Lech (song) but regard her as one of the best jazz singers in Norway, not the least her solo album with hymns and New-Norwegian lyrics «Min song og hjarteskatt» from 2011 was important concerning this project. Erlend Slettevoll (piano) was playing this material in its entity in the early stages, in the late ninteees, and was a natural first choice for the piano part, beautiful playing and interpretation all the way. Audun Ellingsen (bass) also played some of these compositions in the early stages, as well as playing on my solo album "Svev" from 2006. Auduns beautiful organic bass playing can be heard throughout this album. Henrik Lødøen (drums) and I have worked together in more straight ahead jazz settings, including a record "2. sett" with the band "Stolen Moments". Henrik's great playing is just as alive here as it is in other contexts. Altogether, I feel that this band enable to communicate the intention behind the project, create good jazz music and combine it with Hauges tender lyrics and subtle humor.