Det Norske Blåseensemble artist

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble is a unique institution in Norway's cultural life. The orchestra’s eventful history stretches back to 1734 and the «First Brigade Band» or «Division Band» of Fredriksten Fortress in Halden. It is the oldest orchestra in Norway as well as the oldest cultural institution of any kind with an unbroken history. The ensemble is based in a purpose-built facility in the border town of Halden, south of Oslo, and produces and performs around 120 concerts every year – nationally and internationally. While the musical profile of this unique ensemble features a variety of genres, it has two particular areas of commitment; Historic music, with an emphasis on developing and nurturing an understanding of style and performance practice. The ensemble is concentrating on the period from the Renaissance to Viennese School. The combination of authentic and modern instruments gives the ensemble a unique sound that gives new life to familiar works from this era. Our next area of commitment; Real Time Music, has in recent years paved the way for «new» classical music. In collaboration with curator Professor Geir Lysne, the ensemble has worked purposefully to develop collective knowledge and individual skills in improvisation – with classical references as framework. The orchestra has become a reference ensemble in Europe and are referred to as trailblazers by inspiring ground-breaking musical development. Some of the recent years highlights the recording of the CD The Mission which was rewarded with very favorable reviews. Futhermore, performances of The Messiah with the BBC Singers in Norway and England, and the following recording of this CD (release 2018). During 2016, in the realm of Real Time Music, the ensemble has done a series of successful concerts in coorperation with the awardwinning German pianist Michael Wollny – in Oslo, Frankfurt and Hamburg. The Norwegian Wind Ensemble has also released a number of CD recordings featuring diverse genres. Sketches of Spain, under the leadership of Maria Schneider has received many favourable reviews. Justin Dello Joio’s chamber opera Blue Mountain, an examination of the final days in the life of Edvard Grieg, garnered glowing reviews in the international press. There have also been a number of recordings of the music of Oscar Borg, the king of Norwegian march music. Some of the ensemble’s most recent releases features; Tiefentraüme, a jazz suite in collaboration with composer Steffen Schorn, has received attention internationally and numerous flattering reviews in the press and on radio. The Brass from Utopia – A Frank Zappa Tribute, has been embraced by audiences and by the Zappa family itself.