Josin artist

Born as the daughter of two opera singers JOSIN grows up constantly surrounded by music. Her answer is a straight "Yes" when it comes to the question if every dead end and detour made sense. That ́s how it is. Listening to JOSINs music it seems as you ́d have to merge with it to fully understand what ́s in it. As if there were only two states: Wether to be in her cosmos or not. For herself JOSIN draws a lot of her inspiration of the northern world, which is as rich in contrasts as her music. It is rough and cold but full of nutrients and life. And if you wish you can exist in it and slowly but certainly and then forever recognise its beauty. Currently the musician is working on her first EP 'Epilogue' and new songs. Although JOSIN likes to choose a way between elegance and minimalism, the first tracks of the new recordings present themselves with a power that presses forward more determinedly. Her producing also appears more open and experimental with electronical and classical elements. Yet she maintains her natural otherness and intensity in a timeless way.