Catalex artist

Cat Alex started singing and performing at an early age. Growing up singing songs from Annie, and learning how to sing by trying to copy Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Never formally trained but started singing in bands from age 14 just for fun, she won song contests and got great reviews in the local news papers. Years went by and she became a single mom ( a choice she never regretted) her dream of music faded away but the love of singing and writing songs never did. While working , starting up her stylist company's she continued to create songs while working and taking care of her child Many years later and a after bad break up she found her voice again, and recorded her first song. ( Soldier 2014 ) She never released it but it was the start of something new! By 2015 she started writing/recording music at Stealth music Publishing. Recording features /collaborations for many different Dj's/Producers around Europe and a Rap/Rnb song released in the US. Her latest songs became Nr 1 and 7 in Poland 2016.