WoodsFolk artist

Back in 2014 WoodsFolk was just a figment of Erik Wood's imagination. At this point Erik was studying jazz at the university of Gothenburg and his dream was to make music with vocals in the foreground, heavily rooted in the Americana and folk genre with influences of World Music. He and Hampus Johansson decided to meet and record his musical ideas resulting in different a cappella peaces and obscure covers. A lot of the material was thrown to the sharks but some of it was the embryo to music found in their upcoming album. At this time WoodsFolk tried out different constellations to see in what form this music was best suited and decided to form a quartet. One of the new members where Jonathan Hilli. He And Erik Wood went into an artistic journey together, depicting each others ideas: one cultivating the other. With time the vision of the band grew to something larger. In 2015-2016 the idea of a collective of musicians, that could not only perform the music in one way but in many, was born. During this time the band grew from a quartet to a sextet, and from a sextet to a octet, resulting in this roster: Erik Wood (Vocals & guitar), Jonathan Hilli (Vocals, Guitar & Mandolin), Hampus Johansson (Vocals & Slide guitar), Marcus Bertilsson (Electric guitar & Banjo), Leonor Palazzo (Cello & Vocals), Katrien Hermans (Upright bass), Sara Nilsson (Violin) & Vegard Lauvdal (Drums). At this point in time WoodsFolk got in contact with Roger Langvik (Ein Mangfaldig Kar) who gave the opportunity to make a record which they did in 2016-2017 (slated to be released in 2018). Whilst the recording took place the sound of WoodsFolk started to shape and so also the concept of the band. And so the idea of a Post Apocalyptic Folk Rock genre was born: an imaginary idea of the music that survives through a journey, a sort of odyssey that has it's birthplace on the American continent, traveling east, over to the African west coast and back again. Conscious of their heritage WoodsFolk travels far and wide to utilize the experience of their travels.