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Evald Fjærgård (born February 10, 1970) is a Norwegian musician. He has been a songwriter, vocalist, bassist in the band Englefjes since the debut EP "Elsker du meg?" which came in 2003. The other members of the band are Jørn William Kolberg and Roger Syversrudengen. In concert, the band has had drummer Dag Kristoffersen on the team. Evald Fjærgård grew up on Slettmoen-Øst, a residential area on the outskirts of Brenneriroa in Løten. Father Åge Fjærgård was Brenneriroa's merchant. The mother was born Liv Jorunn Engen was educated seamstress, but chose a life as a housewife when she became a mother to one and eventually 4 children. She was also a county politician in Hedmark for the Norwegian Labor Party. Evald has been living at Grünerløkka in Oslo since 1997, is married and has 3 children. He is engaged in the local community, and is among other things playing tuba in the school brass with his daughter, and he is flea general, leader of the flea market that finance the brass band. He lives as a product manager and is working on designing future credit risk services. The musical road started with 3 years on the classic piano before Evald Fjærgård became a bassist when in 1987 he was offered an opportunity to join an folk music orchestra with two friends. Among other things, they included the national finals in the Youth Culture Pattern in the same year. After that, Evald was involved in a progroup band called Tools before joining Jørn William Kolberg in the duo Blå, who became the predecessor of Englefjes. Blue won a demo contest in NRK P1 and became number two another in P4 with the song "Et sekund". "Et sekund" was released as single in 2003, gaining a great rotation on ZTV and reaching the top 10 list of the music video show NRK Svisj in 2003. In parallel with Englefjes, Evald has also performed as a vocalist and bassist in the band "The Partycrashers" from 1997 to 2016. The Partycrashers specialized in extreme intimate concerts at home in the livingroom of people playing Norwegian 80s hits, but also played a number of events. In 2014, Evald picked up Tuba as an instrument since Grünerløkka Skoles Musikkorps, with her daughter Helene, needed an adult to play the larger brass instruments. He has since been a regular musician at concerts and in the capital's 17th May parade. In 2017, Evald Fjærgård started writing and composing on his first album.,The theam is a homage to a cloud free childhood. The first singles from the album come in 2018. Musicians on STOR:
 Evald Fjægård - vocal, base, piano, akustic gitar
 Mikael Lindqvist (from DumDum Boys)- hammond, keyboards, moog
 Willy Lindstad - Accordion 
Frode Nergård - Electric gitar Discografi: Evald Singel/EP-er Coming in 2018 Album
 «Stor» coming i 2018 or 19 Englefjes
«Et sekund» (2003) 
«Elsker du meg?» (2003)
 «Julehomoen (2010) 
«Elsker du meg» (2011)
 «Livets glade dager» (2011) 
«Natten» (2013) 
«Hverdagsoptimist» (2014)
 «Avstand» (2014)
 «Vi to i båt» (2014)

 «Ingen vet sannheten vol. I» (2015) 
«Ingen vet sannheten vol. II» (2015)
 «Ingen vet sannheten vol. III» (2015) Album:
«Blå» (2005)
 «Tre grønne menn» (2009) 
«Ronnie» (2012) Grünerløkka Skoles Musikkorps (composer, lyrics and arrangement)
 «Julesang» (2016) 
 «Nissens sang» (2016)