Rodney found his passion for music production during a brief visit to Halden jail. After not being able to pay his parking tickets, he decided that he would rather pay a visit to the infamous prison - given that there was a program with unlimited studio-time and a good platform for networking. With a background as a banjo player, he quickly managed to amaze his fellow cellmates. He describes Halden as an important stepping-stone for his musical development. Some of his influences are Nickleback and Vanilla Ice. David Dumpster-David Brun developed his musical interest the same way he got his nickname - acquiring broken equipment from the dump, and then fixing it up together with his uncle Stefan. He grew up on a scrap yard together with Stefan and his mom Lene Alexandra, who later got married. Rodney and Brun met at a job interview in Oslo where both of them were applying for a job in sales. No one got the job, so they exchanged mixtapes and later decided to pursue a career in music together.