Kaia Höl artist

I am Kaia Höl. My domain is MIDI. My software is Logic. The way I learned to compose music is completely analogue. My ears dominate and lead the way. Together with music, films and books, the wild nature is an important source for my inspiration. Music is an important source for my inspiration. A lot of my inspiration also arise when I am out in the nature, or after I have been out in the nature. The silence alone is a source for inspiration. Also, having read a good book or seen an impactful film leaves my brain eager to put some sound together. Other times an idea can come to my head from sort of nowhere. Then my task is to take the idea further to composition and hopefully a final product: the track/song. Experience with love is also a hot inspirational topic. All the inspiration I have gotten throughout my life has resulted in hundreds of musical drafts over a long time-span, and several drafts are yet to be finished. I may open a draft many years after the initiation. In this way my music has become personal memories. Luckily, I go through times when an idea becomes a song the same day or week. The memories the music makes, in addition to how much I like to create, are the two main reasons why I make music.