Dag Kajander artist

Biography: Dag Kajander born July 14, 1951. Educated college teacher in music at the North Norwegian Academy of Music in Tromsø with voice & guitar majors (1974-1978). Norwegian Academy of Music - Composition - 20th century harmonies (2003-2004). Worked as a music teacher, composer and screenwriter / songwriter in connection with "Lofotkvelden" at Kabelvåg ungdomskole from 1978 to today. Teaching guitar at Music School in Vågan. Leadsinger in the Popband Jensine Olsen Plastic Band In 1973. Guest Artist at Jack Berntzen's LP: "Det e håp i hænganes snøre" from 1978 with the song "Fremtida e vårres". " In 1986 published Eloise Publishing "Kaldvinds Forunderlige Reise" book / Mc. Became a TV series on Norwegian television in 1989. Several CDs with his own music & words are released on the publishing company, Lofotselskapet, including Kod & Tod which was released in 2001. Has written six children-stories for NRK radio and composed music for childrens series and short films. Toured inland with 54 school concerts for the stateconcerts of Norway. Performing own live-show for children. Received NRK Barnetimen crystal award for the dissemination of north Norwegian children's culture in 2001.