Henning Fries artist

Henning Fries (singer / songwriter) born 10 June 1946 in Oslo, Norway. He had his record debut in Germany in 1974 under the artist name Henning Bjørke. In Norway, he guest starred the band Nordre Sving on their 1979 album På Krøttersti Og Kjerrevei with two of his own songs. On his first solo album «Englehund» (1983) . Norsktoppen 1983-1984 gave Henning immediate success with the song ”Legg et stykke ved til på peisen” from the Englehund album. This song went straight to number one, and then the next single - the self composed ”Årstider” made it to 2nd place. The following 1984 single Det Er Vanskelig Å Være Beskjeden had a huge success on the list Norsktoppen, and has proven to be his biggest hit with high radio rotation still today. Henning has collaborated with a long string of famous, Norwegian musicians throughout his career, and has continously contributed as songwriter and artist. From 1994 to 2002 he was a full time member of Nordre Sving. The album Livets Glade Gutter was released by record company Tylden & Co in 1999, and nominated to the Spellemann award. Henning’s second solo album Det Er Vanskelig Å Være Beskjeden was released by Tylden & Co. in 2007. Based on popular demand, the title track was included on the release. In 2018, Henning is back in the game with new recordings and an upcoming album.