Al Deloner artist

We don't know why Al DeLoner has not released these songs before. But as they say - better late than never! You probably still know Al DeLoner as part of the legendary norwegian rock band Midnight Choir ("Norway´s finest export", Uncut). Listening to his solo efforts, it sounds like DeLoner (actually called Atle Byström) has had enough of the rock world. In fact, the quieter-folk style was always in him, but he did not trust himself to release it until the beginning of the 2000's. But it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that Al DeLoner did decide to share his own productions with the world. After a remarkable number of albums, he resolved to only release tracks that he has not included on his albums until now. Listening to "Matt´s Choice -The Best Of My Unreleased Collection", you can only wonder why this multi-talented instrumentalist took so long to arrive at that point. Loaded with emotion and harmony, all the tracks on "Matt´s Choice" are in the premier league of singer-songwriter material.