Mother Misery artist

After the break up of the two Swedish and Enköping based bands Clench (ex Thrash Inc) and Greyhate (ex Staiger) in 1998 John Hermansen (GH) and Thomas Piehl (C) started to talk about joining forces in songwriting. After some months of jamming riffs together in a damp basement space bassplayer Örjan Baudin and drummer Jens Wide of former Clench joined up. Now songs started to take shape and under the name Nosedive the band released a couple of tunes on different compilations around Europe. In 2003 the band had written 12 songs for the first album “Grandiosity”, the album was released in 2004 on Daredevil Records (DE) and Nosedive then changed the name to Mother Misery. Mother Misery started the first tour through Sweden in 2004 with success and great response, in late 2004 bassplayer Örjan Baudin and drummer Jens Wide decided to leave the band since they had no interest in the touring life. Marcus Jäderholm (ex Greyhate) joined up on bass and later on so did drummer Jimmy Lindbergh (ex Evelyn Grace) With the help from Daredevil Records and owner Jochen Böllath the band took off for touring Germany in 2005, a successful tour which lead up to more tours and a cooperation with bookers Rock This Town (DE). In 2006 the maxi EP “For the crows” was released as a teaser for upcoming album “All eyes on you” which was in stores 2007. This resulted in more tours through Europe and in 2008 the band toured with Entombed in Holland, now bassplayer Marcus had left the band since he didn’t feel comfortable in touring this much, he was replaced by Stefan “Stiff” Hellström, former guitarplayer of Surrender (se). The tour was held by TMR Music Promotions (NL) and since then TMR and Roman Hödl is Mother Misery management. In 2010 it was time for the next album, “Standing Alone” was released world wide under label Transubstans Records / Record Heaven (SE), it was a success earning top rankings in the medias all over the world such as Rock Hard Magazine, Aardschok Magazine, Lords Of Metal, Classic Rock, Sweden Rock Magazine etc etc. “Standing Alone” also hit the Swedish “Top sales chart” in 2011 together with Volbeat, Sabaton, Iron Maiden etc and has been spinning on the international rock radio stations since then. 3 videos were made on songs from “Standing Alone” and first out was the video on “Fade Away”, in March 2012 the video for “Dying Heroes” was released and the 3:rd video on the song “State of grace” was released in dec 2012. Through the years the band have been touring Europe both as opening act and as headliner, sharing stage with acts like Entombed, Queensryche, Lynch Mob, Peter Pan Speedrock, Lillasyster, Anthrax, Sepultura, Life Of Agony, Therapy, Deathstars, Pro-Pain etc etc. From Rocking big venues around Europe to attending festivals like the Zwarte Cross festival (NL) with up to 150.000 people MOTHER MISERY has proven themselves to be a part of the big league. In 2015, the brand new EP "Deadication" will be released on Transubstans Records.