Tom Hugo artist

Tom Hugo hit the German Top 100 radio charts in 2011 with his debut single, Open Up Your Eyes, but his real breakthrough as a songwriter came through his co-writing with twice Echo-nominated artist Y’akoto for her debut album released in 2012. One of the songs, “Without You” was a radiohit in multiple European countries. Since Tom released his debut album, Sundry Tales, he’s been a regular contributor to Norway’s music scene with live performances and single releases, but mostly writing songs for other artists. Some of them has ended up on #1 selling singles and albums in Japan for boybands like SHINEe and TVXQ. He’s become a true citizen of the world, writing and recording in Berlin, Los Angeles, Beijing and Tokyo with A-list writers including Herbie Crichlow (Zayn, Backstreet Boys), Michael Jay (Celine Dion, Eminem), and Alex Geringas (Kelly Clarkson).