Rings (Light up the View) SinglePurchased

Having recently completed their first US tour, Ledjelly now returns with their 3:rd single to date titled "Rings (Light up the View)". The song threads the line between Heavy and Alternative Rock, especially highlighting the rythm section. The powerful riff was turned into a finished song only after the band became a quartet nearly 1 year ago, adding the lyrics and vocal melodies which already has made this into a signature Ledjelly song, regularly performed live by the band. A full album from Ledjely is expected to arrive later in the fall of 2016 as the band is currently working hard in the studio now completing all the tracks. Please visit Ledjelly.com for more updates during the coming months, including information about a new video, the album's tracklist and release date, radio spots, upcoming live performances and much more!
1. Rings (Light up the View) 00:05:03
Main artist Ledjelly
Composer Ledjelly
Author Michael Bratell
Performers Albin Hedén | Mattias Käck | Patrik Andersson | Michael Bratell
Producers Michael Bratell