Rotlaus artist

Rotlaus - "Catchy" countryrock from Norway! With their debut album "Bygderamp" (2016) the Norwegian band Rotlaus, went straight to the official lists VG-lista topp 20! The cheerfull bunch quickly gained 1 million streams on Spotify, and the loyalfans has increased sharply since the album release earlier this year. Now the band is out touring around the whole country, and the future looks really bright for the fresh band. Their debut single "Kvilelaus" was released in December 2015 and it proved to be a band with hard-hitting lyrics and singalong choruses. If you attend a concert with Rotlaus, you will expect parties and fun, a fusion of folkrock and country - interspersed with both fiddling and Accordion. The band has spent the last year in great demand and they are now playing all over the country all the way from north to south. Rotlaus has quickly become like a tight-knit family, which also the audience of the band in concert clearly experience. Songwriter and lead singer in Rotlaus is Bjorn Marius Øyehaug, many recognizes him from the band Vassendgutane. Bjorn Marius spent five years on tour with Norway's biggest-selling band nowadays, he got known for his solid drumming, solo performances and backing vocals. He took this experiance with him, and the summer of 2015 along with Levi Andre Leite, met Simen Rebbestad, and together they decided to start Rotlaus. Later came Simen Bjørdal on percussion, plus Vegard Hansen on accordion. Their debut album was released in January 2016.