Eivind Bjerksetmyr

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Eivind Bjerksetmyr is a Norwegian singer/songwriter, who writes and performs in his own dialect. In his lyrics he touches on the relationships between people in an understated, humorous and direct way. The lyrics seem simple, but if you listen closely you may discover small elements for further thought. The melodies are catchy, easy to remember and make you want to hear more! His music is a mix of genres, but rock is always the common denominator.
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Main artist Eivind Bjerksetmyr
Composer Eivind Bjerksetmyr
Author Eivind Bjerksetmyr
Performers Inge Hanshus | Morten Eggen | Gisle Hernes Gynnild | Roar Øien | Julie Stokke | Arild Følstad
Arrangers Roar Øien | Eivind Bjerksetmyr
Producers Roar Øien
Publishers Tyrirot Musikk